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Myotest Provides Running Form in Galaxy Watch3

Myotest announces the introduction of Running Form in the new Galaxy Watch3 launched on August 6. This will give runners access to the most advanced portable coaching technology available, right on their wrist.

Myotest is a pioneer and supplier of smart coaching on portable devices (smartwatches and others) based on the science of biomechanics to help runners understand their running technique and provide advice to improve it where necessary. Myotest's software libraries measure with high accuracy, from the smartwatch, the runner’s cadence, detects asymmetries and irregularity when they occur, and many other metrics that are essential to improving performance. Myotest's algorithms also identify what needs to be improved and offer the appropriate personalized exercises that are specific to each runner.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Samsung to bring the best portable running analysis technology to recreational runners,” says Myotest CEO Christophe Ramstein. “The world of running deserves technology that was previously only available to professional athletes in the lab, and it is now made available on the new Galaxy Watch3, so they can better understand their running technique, improve their performance and have more fun.”

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