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The Running Lab at your Wrist - Myotest delivers next generation smart running features for smartpho

Myotest SA, leading licensor of biomechanics and smart coaching solutions, announced today the first software libraries designed for smartphones & smartwatches to help recreational runners to run better. These libraries collect and calculate key biomechanical running metrics in real-time and provide meaningful feedback to runners including ways to improve their running technique and to run more efficiently and more safely.

“Myotest has over a decade of experience in coaching world-class athletes based on the measure and analysis of their biomechanics”, said Myotest CEO Christophe Ramstein. “We then created software libraries to provide similar advanced coaching features to recreational runners directly from their smartwatches. These libraries are intended for wearable vendors and App developers in sport & health, to create new business opportunities with technology validated by years of practice.”

Myotest Integrated Library ® (MIL®) delivers in real-time the foundational running biomechanical data such as cadence, step length, ground contact time, vertical oscillation, symmetry, stiffness, regularity and power from almost any type of wearable, including smartwatches at the wrist, with no need for extra accessories or custom equipment. MIL’s achieves an average accuracy of over 95% regardless of where this data is being measured, be it wrist, upper arm or chest.

Myotest Application Library ® (MAL®) interprets the biomechanical data from the MIL and gives runners useful and comprehensive features to run better and safer. Amongst others, MAL® provides feedback on the runner’s technique after each workout, advises on drills and ways to improve and provides real time guidance by advising on speed, cadence and step length to achieve efficiently and safely a target distance in a given duration.

Myotest Libraries, MIL® & MAL® are available for licensing to device OEMs and App developers.

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