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Suunto and Myotest announce technology collaboration

Suunto, a global leader in sports precision instruments and Myotest, a global leader in advanced, accelerometer-based analysis and interpretation for digital sport, today announced technology collaboration for a new running solution.

Suunto has a long heritage in building robust sports watches known for their precision and sports expertise targeted to performance oriented athletes, while Myotest’s personalized smart training software and services help runners improve their efficiency based on their own unique physiology. Myotest is particularly known for the breadth and depth of their biomechanics with proven track record in the professional athlete market.

“We are delighted to start collaboration with Myotest to deliver great added value to our consumers in the future”, says Sami Männistö, Director of Suunto Products.

“We are very excited to collaborate with Suunto”, says Myotest CEO Christophe Ramstein. “The world of running indeed deserves better digital solutions in particular better analysis and interpretation of how people run and how they can run better and faster.”

Further details about the collaboration will be released later in 2018.

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