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Science and Technology

As a pioneer in using accelerometers to capture biomechanics from athletes in the field, Myotest brings a deep understanding and years of experience in motion analysis and interpretation to the digital market.

Many patents were filled during our time working with professional athletes and coaches. The technology has been used over the last decade in many research projects, validations and studies for a variety of sport and medical applications.

The lab on your wrist

Today, wearables and smartphones are everywhere, and the data they capture is invaluable to improving your health and athletic performance.


Health begins with understanding

Understanding your biometrics is the first step to maintaining your health and reducing your risk of injury. We have built experience through years working with coaches training professional athletes and helping companies to make improvements that protect their employee's health.

White Papers

"Running Power: Comparison of Myotest Solution with Commercially Available Products"

This white paper aims at comparing Myotest’s location-agnostic software solution to calculate Running Power with three commercially available solutions: Garmin with a pod on a waist belt, Polar watch on the wrist and Stryd with a pod on the shoe.


"VO2 Max Computed from Wearable Devices using only GPS and Accelerometer data"

This white paper describes a study assessing the accuracy of the Myotest software solution to estimate VO2 Max against a Gold Standard. Myotest solution uses GPS and accelerometer sensors only and does not require a heart rate sensor.


"Running Biomechanics Measured on Wearable Devices"

This white paper describes Myotest software solution designed to measure Running Biomechanics on wearable devices and a user study assessing the reliability of these parameters compared to Gold Standard. 

Available soon


Reliability and validity of an accelerometric system for assessing vertical jumping performance
Mohamed Choukou et al, Biology of Sport

Reliability and validity of two measurement systems in the quantification of jump performance
Marlene Mauch et al, Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Sportmedizin und Sporttraumatologie

Reliability and validity of the Myotest® for measuring running stride kinematics
Cyrille Gindre et al, Journal of Sports Sciences

Reliability of Myotest®  tested by a countermovement jump
Saša Bubanj et al, The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research


Concurrent Validity of Vertical Jump Performance Assessment Systems

Carlo Castagna et al, The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research

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