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Myotest CEO to Speak at WEAR 2017 Biomechanics Innovation in Wearables for Running

Dr. Christophe Ramstein, CEO of Myotest will be speaking at the WEAR 2017 conference on June 13, 2017 in San Francisco. The three-day conference explores innovations in fashion and tech, wearables for sports, and sustainability.

Ramstein’s talk will explore the next generation in sports wearables for runners. Going beyond GPS and Heart Rate monitors, Ramstein will demonstrate how advanced software algorithms can capture data from accelerometers found in everyday wearables, to deliver a powerful, personalized smart coaching service based on a runner’s own unique physiology. By aggregating basic running data such as step count, distance and speed with Biomechanics data, a Smart Coaching service can provide runtime feedback on speed, cadence, stride length and power levels needed to achieve a running goal. With the power of biomechanics and a personalized Smart Coach, runners can achieve their performance goals confidently, improve their efficiency, and select the right shoes.

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