Software Solutions

Myotest has engineered software libraries and cloud services to capture, analyze and interpret biomechanical data for running, fitness and health applications.

Sport Brands
Mobile Apps
Health Care

Myotest offers a variety of software libraries for Smartphones, Smart Watches or other Wearables (embedded or on application level) that enhances your product offering and increases validity/accuracy of your products.

Activity Tracking Software

Accurate step counting
False positive elimination

Running biomechanical Software

Core Running Features

Smart Running Features

Sleep Tracking based on accelerometer sensor

Sleep phase classification
Smart alarm

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Our Technology

We have a long history in high performance sport and health. The accuracy, reliability and consistency of our solutions across many part of our body are foundational requirements for mass market products.

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License Myotest

Myotest Libraries, MIL® and MAL® are available for licensing to device OEMs and app developers. The technology runs with or without network connectivity.

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