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Based on a deep understanding of biomechanics,
we turn data from wearables into clear recommendations
to improve your health and athletic performance.

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June 2021

Myotest has obtained a U.S. patent (US 10,881,905 B2) protecting their method and device for detecting asymmetries in a user’s movement with an accelerometer. This invention enables Myotest to accurately calculate a wide range of biomechanical parameters from a single device, including key metrics such as running asymmetry, balance, explosive power, resistance, stability, and more. The device can then suggest a training plan built from these parameters, designed to improve a runner’s technical and muscular abilities.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

Advanced Running Metrics

“Advanced running metrics can be super helpful: Perhaps my favorite new feature on the Galaxy Watch 3 is its running analysis. During and after your run activities, you’ll get advanced running metrics like asymmetry, contact time, flight time, regularity, vertical, and even stiffness. [...] These metrics are usually only offered by devices with integrated foot pods.”


“Those new running analysis insights also lift the Galaxy Watch 3’s sports credentials up a notch. Remarkably, considering there are no additional sensors in the box, the watch records metrics including asymmetry, contact time, flight time, regularity, vertical oscillation and stiffness directly from the wrist. Those are insights you’d normally only associate with specialist running watches [...]”


And for runs, it goes even deeper. It doesn’t just tell you your heartrate zone, your cadence, which is what most watches do. The Watch3, paired with Samsung Health, goes into advanced metrics. It shows me things like asymmetry, contact time, flight time, regularity, my stiffness, which it says I need to improve. [...] These kinds of things are usually behind a paywall or subscription.”

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