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To Running shoe Brands, Retailers and Running Apps

Increase your running shoe sales using biomechanics

Business Value

How to increase running shoe sales by providing highly accurate shoe recommendations that fits the profile and objective of each consumer? How to enhance running shoe sales experience for consumers and maintain interaction with consumer beyond running shoe purchase?

Shoe recommendation solution. Online and retail stores use biomechanical data captured from wearables to recommend a running shoe that best suits the customer.

Myotest Solution

Myotest’s Software Solution helps brands to keep pace with consumers in the running shoe market. With experience in shoe recommendation since 2011 (including granted patents) we are offering an online tool that help sport brands, retailers and mobile app developers to integrate shoe recommendation services for the end consumer in the shoe purchase process. 

The software solution can be integrated into the e-commerce of running shoe brands or retailers, into online marketplaces, as an in-store experience in retail or even into mobile running Apps.

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Business Impact

Benefits for Companies

Key benefits for sport brands, retailers or running mobile Apps that integrates Myotest’s solution into their digital ecosystem is:

● Enhanced consumer experience and engagement. 
● Increased confidence for the consumer that they are making the correct purchase.
● Higher conversion rates.
● Reduced returns for the seller.
● Improved profitability for the seller.

End Consumer Benefits

A side effect of the online tool is to help consumers make sense of their individual running data by providing them with:

● Specific running feedback.
● Evaluation of injury risk.
● Running analytics.

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