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To Wearable Manufacturers and App Developers

Integrate killer features for running and fitness

Business Advantage

In a very competitive market:
How to differentiate your products with innovative solutions at no extra R&D cost?


How to attract and retain your customer and avoid the cost of specialized pods?

Software solution to capture, analyze and interpret biomechanics for Wearable OEMs and app developers.

Myotest Solutions

Myotest libraries deliver killer features for running and fitness activities. They are designed to work for any wearable, being a smartwatch or a smartphone, with no need for an extra pod. They contain all the algorithms required to reliably capture and interprete biomechanical activities such as Running Dynamics, Power and personalized feedback. All features have been thoroughly validated.

Myotest cloud services securely organize end-user biomechanical data through a straightforward web API and provide additional services both to the end-user and to the OEM.

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Business Impact

Benefits for Companies

● Innovative features
No need for specialized pod
● Reduce significantly your R&D costs

● Accelerate time to market

End Consumer Benefits

● Higher value for their purchase 

● Help casual runners be injury-free
● Help runners improve their running technique
● Track and improve fitness level and help runners compare themselves and share with others.

Let's work together.

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