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To Health Providers

Accelerate your mobile strategy

Business Value

Science has shown evidence that patients' biomechanical attributes are valuable indicators of their overall physical shape, life expectancy and physical recovery. It is expensive and unpractical to measure this biomechanical attributes using laboratory graded equipment for health providers. There are great new business opportunities and revenue streams if the biomechanical data is captured directly in the patient's environment on a daily basis using existing wearable and mobile devices. 

The faster you walk, the longer you live. Study comparing life expectancy rate to gait speed. Read more...

Myotest Solution

We have software solutions for capturing and analyzing patient's key biomechanical attributes from wearable devices. These software solutions can be integrated in your overall mobile strategy and tools to monitor your patient’s biomechanics on a daily basis for further analysis and use.

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Business Impact

Benefits for Companies

● Reduce R&D and lab costs
● Leverage existing consumer grade wearables
● Collect unique and impactful data on a daily basis
● Increase customer engagement 

End Consumer Benefits

● Individualized services based on personal data
● Access health and fitness assessment from home

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